Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Let them eat cake!

I will not be continuing the Indiana journey blog series, I apologize, but it's just been too long since the trip and I've got plenty of other exciting desserts that I've experienced and am dying to share with you all!

Today, it's all about Babycakes. This is a lovely cupcakery in Hillcrest with the moistest, most delicious cake experiences you will have. My recent discovery was the Shorty- a vanilla cupcake with custard on the inside, white buttercream frosting, and topped with a chocolate dipped strawberry. It is truly delicious! But go ahead and try all of their cakes that sound interesting, they've got loads of em! My mom just tried the lemon cake the other day and said it was AMAZING! So whether you're a fruity cake person, or a rich chocolatey cake person, you will find something guaranteed.

Also, a MUST HAVE when you go, is the Mexican Mocha. It's one of the guys that works there's (I don't know if he's the owner or manager or just works there) grandmother's secret recipe. It's premade and all they do is heat it up, none of the employees even know how to make it, either way, its a REVELATION! You're taste buds will thank me for this creamy chocolatey goodness, I assure you. =)


  1. I have some choice words for the workers of Babycakes

  2. If they're not pleasant then don't say them.